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  • What about Palestinian academic freedom?


    If Palestinians’ academic freedom is to be valued as it is for Israelis, then a boycott of Israel state sponsored research and teaching is justified until the forces that deny academic freedom for Palestinians no longer exist. This cannot occur until the colonialization of Palestine comes to an end.

  • Spain: ‘Popular unity’ councils sworn in amid huge enthusiasm


    The squares in front of scores of town halls across the Spanish state were jam-packed with enthusiastic crowds on June 13. Tens of thousands had gathered to celebrate the inauguration of progressive administrations elected in a leftward swing in the May 24 local government elections for Spain’s 8144 councils.

  • The Fight for $15 Wage in B.C. and Beyond


    If you find yourself in front of a Walmart or Starbucks in British Columbia on the 15th of any month this year, you just might find yourself amid a new and growing campaign to raise the minimum wage. Activists across B.C. are hitting the streets in the Fight for 15 campaign, endorsed by the B.C. Federation of Labour and supported by individuals and community groups throughout the province. Organizers are planning events for the 15th of every month until the provincial minimum wage is increased to $15 an hour.

  • The Lonely American


    We must connect with those around us. It is only the communal that will save us. It is only the communal that will allow us to build a movement to resist. And it is only the communal that will sustain us through mutual aid as climate change and economic collapse increasingly dominate our future.

  • Need for Reform of TFW Program highlighted by Human Rights verdict

    Canadian Politics

    “We must be critical of how the Canadian government continuously ‘imports’ workers from countries like Mexico and the Philippines in order to profit from their labour while disregarding the way these workers continue to be exploited.”

  • Syriza, Podemos, Left Bloc, and the Left


    The opening plenary focused on anti-austerity politics, alliances, and national and international political potentials and challenges emerging in Europe and impacting the world; revolutionary dimensions of these developments - in the context of a mass-based political, economic, cultural, ecological, race and gender - of electoral, left, and social movement organizing.

  • Maude Barlow: Harper won’t be PM after the next election

    Canadian Politics

    Council of Canadians Chairperson Maude Barlow predicts that Stephen Harper will cease to be Prime Minister of Canada following the federal election that is expected this October.

  • Alberta: NDP wins… now let’s organize!

    Canadian Politics

    Albertans don’t have to repeat the mistakes and duplicate the experiences of the NDP in Ontario and Nova Scotia where one-term governments were not pushed by movements on the ground, eventually turned rightward and introduced anti-worker legislation, and were then ousted by the some of the country’s most radical anti-labour right-wing governments.

  • There is Power in a Union: Pride

    Pride is a must-watch film, for several reasons. Though it downplays the LGSM’s overtly socialist politics and rounds the rough edges of class struggle, Pride nevertheless illustrates the important possibilities forged through collective action and solidarity.

  • Low-Wage Workers’ Struggles Are About Much More than Wages


    When fast-food workers first took the streets in New York City in November 2012 to protest for higher wages and a union, no one could have imagined how successful the campaign would be.

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