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Stepping up for the Planet

Volume 45, Issue 6: November/December 2011

The momentous rebellion, Occupy Wall Street, was in its earliest stage when this issue of Dimension was in its final planning stage. We had one article, “The Assault on Public Services,” by Sam Gindin and Mike Hurley, that clearly relate to the cause of the rebellion, but as the rebellion turned into a movement, we managed to pull together an early CD take on what looks like the most promising development for radical politics in many decades. We call it “The Ballerina_and the Bull.”

The focus of this Dimension, “Stepping up for the Planet,” is a joint production of CD and the South African journal,Amandla. It arose from discussions between CD collective member David Hugill and Patrick Bond, the Irish born political writer who resides in Durban, South Africa. Patrick put us in touch with Amandla’s Brian Ashley and together we collaborated on this issue.

While it focuses on the Durban COP 17 United Nation’s meeting on Climate Change it also gathers reports on grassroots opposition to some of the worst contributors to Green house Gas (GHG) emissions in both Canada and South Africa including Alberta’s tar sands, shale gas (fracking) and uranium mining. Interestingly, this is the first in its nearly nearly 50 years history, that Canadian Dimension has jointly produced an issue with another publication.

Why is Stephen Harper so keen on a Free Trade agreement with Morocco? In answer is uncovered in Josh Campbell’s article, regarding the sale of phosphate to the Potash Corp of Saskatchewan in Morrocan-occupied Western Sahara.

Table of Contents

The Regulars

  • On Love
  • This Dimension
  • The Ballerina and the Bull
  • Around the Left in 60 Days
  • NDP Leadership and Labour
  • Ocean Terminus


  • Politics après Jack
  • Independent Jewish Voices
  • The Assault on Public Services
  • What Harper Wants in Morocco

Stepping Up for the Planet

  • Stepping Up for the Planet
  • Durban COP17 Failures in the Making
  • The Durban Conference of Polluters
  • Indigenous People: A Key to Environmental Rescue
  • Uranium Mining Struggles in Québec:A Moratorium in Sight?
  • Undermining Africa: Africa’s role in the global uranium economy
  • Toxic Water, Toxic Politics
  • Against Shell’s Fracking Arguments
  • The Shale Gas Debate in Québec
  • The fix is in: Marketing the message of Canadian climate policy
  • The Harper Offensive: Selling Tar Sands to Europe and the USA

All that’s Left

  • The Arizona Culture Strike Beyond Boycotts, Beyond Borders
  • Why the Media Tsunami of Layton Love?

Book Marks

  • Alliances: Re/ Envisioning Indigenousnon- Indigenous Relationships
  • Police in Canada: The Real Story
  • Private Affluence, Public Austerity: Economic Crisis & Democratic Malaise in Canada
  • The Rights of Nature: The Case for the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth
  • Broke But Unbroken: Grassroots Social Movements and Their Radical Solutions to Poverty

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