• Canadian Business

    The Bank of Canada Should Be Reinstated To Its Original Mandated Purposes

    If properly and fully pursued it could be of great help in getting support from the electorate. As it stands, it seems that the international banking cabal appears to have such a grip on Canada’s current capitalist government that it has refused to act in Canada’s best interests. As in the case of getting Medicare enacted in Canada, it may be up to a social democratic party to eventually get the Bank of Canada reinstated as the country’s bank.

  • Canadian Politics

    Ontario NDP has no answers for Toronto’s homeless death crisis

    There’s no reason why this needs to be viewed as a crisis only for the currently poor, either. The economic shifts and the effects of austerity described by research coalition Homeless Hub, affect all working people in Toronto. In Globalization, Precarious Work and the Food Bank, Lightman, Mitchell and Herd write that with the onset of grinding austerity brought about by the Common Sense Revolution in 1995 , the number of food bank users in Toronto jumped from 115,000 to 170,000.

  • Europe

    Putin, Skripal and the powerful ideological force of Russophobia

    The attempted murder of Russian ex-spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter in Salisbury, England – a story befitting the top shelf of espionage literature – has provoked both furious condemnation, and very carefully worded propaganda, from every corner of the international community. We should be skeptical, however, of denunciations launched after a party line quickly forms on a topic, particularly one with global implications.

  • Canadian Politics

    NDP insiders suppressing Palestine resolution

    If after a half-century of illegal occupation, one can’t call for boycotting Israeli settlement goods, then when? After a century? Two? Or is the problem the particular country to be boycotted? Does the NDP hierarchy believe that anti-Semitism can be the only possible motivation for putting economic pressure on Israel to accept a Palestinian state?


  • 2016

    Why aren’t Conditions of Life for First Peoples a National Emergency?

    The issue was and remains whether the people have human rights. The fate of First Peoples foreshadows the fate of Canada’s poor who will grow in number as wealth separates from commonality. In Canada, peoples’ fates are interwoven and tied to each other.