Indigenous Resistance

Volume 52, Issue 2: Summer 2018


We are proud to reproduce on our cover the first of a new series of works by Kent Monkman.

Inside this issue, Mohawk activist and artist Ellen Gabriel speaks with CD’s Sean Carleton about the legacy of Oka and the future of Indigenous struggles. A member of the Kanehsatà:ke community — Turtle Clan, Ellen was the official spokesperson chosen by the People of the Longhouse during the “Oka Crisis.”

Phillipe Gauthier’s outstanding article forces us to consider his unassailable contention that renewable sources of clean energy cannot fully replace dirty energy sources of greenhouse gas emissions to the extent required to sustain current North American living standards.

Jill Eisen considers the impact of artificial intelligence technology on the future of jobs and work places. The evidence is complicated but worrisome, to say the very least.

The Winnipeg General Strike 100 year Anniversary is less than a year away. Dimension covered the 50th year anniversary in 1969 including what we consider to be among the best ever treatments of the WGS by economic historian, H. Clare Pentland. We reproduce that classic essay here and update it with pieces by historian James Naylor and artist Noam Gonick.

We are delighted to announce that with this issue Chris Dixon joins CD’s superlative line up of columnists. Chris is chronicler of radical political movements across North America and author of the book Another Politics, Today’s Transformative Movements.

Have a good read.

Table of Contents


  • Whither work? The second industrial revolution
  • #MeToo: Fighting sexism through labour activism by joan sangster
  • The limits of renewable energy and the case for degrowth
  • The legacy of ‘Oka’ & the future of Indigenous resistance — In conversation with Ellen Gabriel
  • Canada’s forgotten populist hero

1919 Winnipeg General Strike Centenary

  • The 1919 Winnipeg General Strike
  • The tipping point
  • 100 Years After: Winnipeg General Strike

The Ontario Elections

  • Building a powerful Left resistance
  • Ontario’s Dollarama Donald
  • Rising fortunes of the Right
  • The Liberal Party laid bare
  • Collapse of the centre opens new doors

All That’s Left

  • Comics, culture and capitalism—The cautionary tale of Superman
  • The World Cup is a crime scene
  • Parasites in paradise: behind the capitalist curtain
  • The Americans: A merciful dread of a different kind

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