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May Day!

Volume 42, Number 3: May/June 2008

Happy birthday May Day! It’s hard to believe it has been forty years since May 1968. What a big anniversary for an event that so profoundly changed the world politics. With it we launch what we hope will be an annual feature celebrating MAYWORKS, the festival of labour and the arts.

As a tribute, we’ve included, in our special double issue, a compilation of art, reviews, and poetry from this pivotal point in history. We commemorate the earth-shattering events of May ’68 with a feature article by Canada’s preeminent social historian, Bryan Palmer. From there we look forward to how the principles of this time echo through today’s labour, culture and political movements with extensive commentaries on the peace movements in Quebec and across Canada (from the sixties to today).

In keeping with the labour, art, and culture theme we have a number art features including an art showcase and interview with the recently deceased Bill Stapleton. Additionally we interview “Canadian Steel” playwright Karol Korczynski.

Table of Contents


  • The Horowitz Paragraph
  • B.C.‘s Carbon Tax: A Regressive Hoax
  • Labour Report
  • One Native Life
  • Québec Communiqué
  • On The Edge

Opening Arguments

  • Punishment Without Trial
  • Neither Reasonable Nor Accomodating

MayWorks: 20 pages of Art and Labour

  • Mayworks Keeps Growing
  • Poetry
  • Canada Steel
  • Strike Action
  • Bill Stapleton: People’s Artist
  • Workers Arts & Heritage Centre
  • Campaigning for Immigrant Worker Justice
  • The Politics of Asbestos in Canada
  • Features
  • May ‘68: An Appreciation
  • The Long March of the Canadian Peace Movement
  • La Paix, Yes Sir!

All That’s Left

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