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Whiteness & Racism

Volume 52, Issue 1: Spring 2018

In this issue of CD, our focus section delves into the analytical concepts of whiteness, intersectionality and racism. Leading off is Queen’s University professor Cynthia Levine-Rasky, who offers a guide to working through white supremacy, guilt, privilege, fear, allyship, power, and the possibility of having it all wrong; and why it may not matter. Elsewhere, Samir Gandesha, director of the Institute for the Humanities at Simon Fraser University, unpacks Liberal identity politics, asking a vital question: Does ‘anti-racism’ contribute to racism? Don’t miss this vital collection of essays and perspectives from leading Canadian thinkers.

Canadian Dimension was heavily involved in the campaign to defeat the Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement back in the 1980s. It was the last great pan-Canadian grassroots movement this country has seen. Tragically, the opposition movement necessary to promote alternatives to NAFTA never again came together. But we are starting the conversation in this issue of Dimension.

Also inside: the CD coordinating committee’s take on the NDP convention and Jagmeet Singh, a clarification on where we stand on Syria, André Frappier with a critical take on pension reform and Bill C-27, unpacking the trouble with investor-state dispute systems, James Hutt on why Canada’s overdose epidemic is getting worse, and a deep-dive on Canadian energy economics. Plus, new book and film reviews, and a must-read remembrance of legendary Canadian socialist Jim Laxer, who tragically left us this year.

Have a good read.

Table of Contents


Alternatives to NAFTA

  • Trump, NAFTA and Canada’s Choice
  • Trumping NAFTA: ‘free trade’ versus democratic planning
  • Goldilocks and the search for global trade balance
  • Towards a new Canadian trade strategy
  • The fix is in on investor-state dispute systems

Whiteness & Racism

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