• Why the ‘Ok Boomer’ phenomenon is short-sighted

    Economic Crisis

    The “Ok Boomer” meme, which many young people are using online as a rebuttal against out-of-touch baby boomers, taps into frustrations disproportionately experienced by millennials and Generation Zers—particularly in Canada’s most unaffordable cities. Unfortunately, however, the meme also represents a discourse that ignores the many older people experiencing poverty, discrimination and hardship.

  • The NDP is complicit in imperialist violence in Bolivia

    Canadian Politics

    The NDP, Canada’s supposedly leftist party of labour and solidarity, cannot bring itself to issue a statement condemning the coup. Over the last four days, in spite of consistent demands from NDP membership and allies, the party has refused to even acknowledge that a coup has taken place, let alone issue a strong statement to draw the public’s attention to it. 

  • Canada is long overdue for universal dental care

    Canadian Politics

    Many Canadians view the perfect smile as a sign of status rather than an indicator of one’s health, as the provision of dental care is based on one’s ability to pay rather than their need. In fact, six million Canadians avoid the dentist each year due to financial constraints and, as a result, many live with treatable chronic pain and a lower quality of life. There is a solution to this problem: a universal dental care plan.

  • Mexico grants political asylum to Evo Morales

    Latin America and the Caribbean

    The departure of Morales, Bolivia’s first indigenous president, followed weeks of violent protests by the far-right, foreshadowing fraud claims at the October 20 re-election. In a redrawing of Latin America’s political landscape, the left has regained power in both Mexico and Argentina, though powerhouse Brazil still retains a far-right government headed by Jair Bolsonaro.

  • Evo Morales didn’t resign, he was overthrown by a coup d’état

    Latin America and the Caribbean

    Bolivia’s political and economic elite support this violence, as part of a resurgence of the far right in Latin America. Activists on the ground are currently getting smashed by these forces. We, the undersigned, denounce this violence, and preemptively denounce the violence that will inevitably escalate in the street.

  • Canada backs coup against Bolivia’s president

    Canadian Politics

    In yet another example of the Liberals saying one thing and doing another, Justin Trudeau’s government has supported the ouster of Evo Morales. The Liberals’ position on the violent ouster of Bolivia’s first ever Indigenous president stands in stark contrast with their backing of embattled pro-corporate leaders in the region.

  • Bolivia in the crosshairs of US counter-revolution

    Latin America and the Caribbean

    Bolivia’s president Evo Morales has just resigned. Hours earlier, surrounded by leaders of the grassroots mass organizations that serve as a sort of “people’s cabinet,” he had called for new elections and a renovated Supreme Electoral Tribunal to oversee the process. The situation is dire and, as always, the devil’s in the details that the right-wing press does not divulge.

  • SNC-Lavalin, Justin Trudeau, and ‘banana republic’ politics

    Canadian Politics

    Prime Minister Trudeau holds the shameful distinction amongst prime ministers of Canada to be the first found guilty of ethics violations; and this is his second. Although he has also probably issued more apologies on behalf of Canadians than any other PM, Canadians are not getting an apology for this. Mr. Trudeau it seems, gets to decide when it is okay to break the law.

  • Wisdom Engaged ties decolonisation to shared health and well-being

    Wisdom Engaged shows powerfully that health and well-being must also be at the centre of decolonisation and reconciliation efforts. The book gives compelling evidence that Indigenous health is fundamentally tied to land, language, and culture. “Being well” is the end purpose of community empowerment, emplacement, and self-determination

  • The GM Strike and the Historical Convergence of Possibilities


    The GM strike served as a reminder of two old lessons. Rank and file militancy is the foundation of working class struggles, yet it is not enough. And unions too – even the best of unions – though absolutely fundamental to workers having a more secure and all-round richer life, are by themselves insufficient.

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