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  • Confronting Climate Catastrophe

    The COP26 global climate summit kicked off in Glasgow, where negotiators are faced with the urgent need to get the world to end its addiction to fossil fuels and secure a livable future. This is a critical juncture in the struggle to avoid climate catastrophe, but how will we respond? In this collection, we’ve gathered perspectives from across the left on what this moment means for the climate and our species.

  • 2021 Federal Election

    On August 16, Justin Trudeau called on the governor general to dissolve parliament, setting the stage for a national election. It will be the shortest campaign allowed by federal law, yet it will also be held under the shadow of a nearly two-year long pandemic that has profoundly reshaped our lives, and the global economy. What will it mean for Canada and the Canadian left?

  • Debating the Avi Lewis Impact

    We asked NDPers, current and former, to weigh in on the state of social democracy in Canada, and on Avi Lewis’s recent decision to pursue the party’s nomination in West Vancouver–Sunshine Coast–Sea to Sky Country. This is the first component of our coverage in advance of the upcoming federal election in fall 2021.

  • The Far-Right in Focus

    Violence carried out by the far-right is now the most frequent and deadly form of extremism threatening Western nations, and it is growing in stride with the increasingly emboldened anti-lockdown community. In this collection, we look at the roots of white supremacism and far-right groups in Canada, and how the left can fight back against this revanchist movement.

  • In Memoriam: Leo Panitch (1945-2020)

    Canadian Dimension is heartbroken at the loss of Leo Panitch, Professor Emeritus of Politics at York University and editor of the Socialist Register. An early pillar of our publication, Leo was a leading thinker of the global left and a comrade to the many. In this collection, we pay tribute to Leo and his indispensable contributions to socialist thought in Canada and around the world.

  • The Coming Cold War with China

    The deterioration in relations between China and the United States is gathering steam, creating new uncertainties and dangers. Will Joe Biden ratchet up tensions with the world’s emerging economic superpower? How will Canada respond? In this collection, we analyze why increased rivalry with China is beginning to resemble a new Cold War.

  • Fear and Loathing in the 2020 US Election

    The 2020 US election is over, and after a tight race, Joe Biden has won. But what was at stake in this vote? What could it mean for Canada and the Canadian left? The election is about much more than Donald Trump, and it provides some food for thought for socialists. In this collection, we take stock of this historic event, and what it could mean for America and the world.

  • The Cataclysm of COVID-19

    The COVID-19 pandemic has quickly become an unprecedented public health crisis, spreading throughout much of the world and causing profound economic and social upheaval. In this series of articles, Canadian Dimension aims to make sense of the catastrophe, providing insight and analysis from a variety of voices on the left in Canada and beyond.

  • March of the Sandernistas

    Bernie Sanders is surging. The democratic socialist senator from Vermont has stayed in the spotlight since his 2016 presidential run, centering the upcoming Democratic nomination on generational issues like income inequality, climate change and endless war. In this collection, we offer different perspectives on what the Canadian left can take away from the Sanders campaign.

  • Wet’suwet’en Resistance

    The recent RCMP raids of Wet’suwet’en land defenders in northwestern British Columbia have left many Canadians shocked and angered. The RCMP are justifying their operation as an enforcement of a BC Supreme Court injunction to clear resettlement camps and allow Coastal GasLink to carry on building a natural gas pipeline. Canadian Dimension stands in solidarity with all movements for Indigenous self-determination.

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