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  • 2021 NDP convention day three: Party offers roadmap for a better Canada

    The 2021 NDP convention wrapped up today, and it provided a potential roadmap to NDP success in the next election, as well as a more just, equal, and humane Canada. And while the format of this convention didn’t fully facilitate member participation, their energy still shined though. The party must reflect that light and magnify it if it wishes to succeed.

  • 2021 NDP convention day two: Party takes historic step on Palestine

    The second day of the 2021 NDP convention remained deeply flawed from a technical standpoint, but historic votes indicate that the party membership is united in moving toward a more just Canada and world. Perhaps most importantly, the NDP adopted a progressive policy on Palestine, endorsing sanctions on Israel, including a ban on trade with Israeli settlements and an arms embargo on Israel.

  • 2021 NDP convention day one: Encouraging signs, but a deeply flawed process

    The first day of the 2021 NDP convention was an interesting one, to say the least, writes CD columnist Christo Aivalis. There was much to celebrate, but at the core, the process was deeply flawed, especially in that there was far too little time to discuss and debate the resolutions delegates worked so hard crafting and prioritizing.

  • NDP resolutions present opportunity to build a socialist Canada

    For too many elections, the NDP’s membership has fought to assert a left wing vision for our country and world, only to see election platforms either ignore or dilute those principles. When the next election comes, the NDP must trust in its membership and trust in the progressive values of Canadians. We can built a better world, but we can’t start that work if our leaders are afraid of what we believe in.

  • CD editorial board: Statement on the resignations

    This is a statement by a majority of the members of the Canadian Dimension editorial board regarding the resignations of three members in March 2021. Also published here is a dissenting view written by Canadian Dimension founder Cy Gonick, along with an addendum composed by longtime CD editorial collective member Paul S. Graham.

  • Five 2021 NDP convention resolutions the left should support

    The federal NDP convention is only a couple of weeks away, and many party activists are working hard to ensure their favourite resolutions get support. While there are hundreds of resolutions worthy of support submitted by riding associations across the country, I wanted to highlight just a few that I think are essential to the left in building a party and society that centres social, economic, and environmental justice.

  • Ecuador’s election could be a turning point for Latin America

    Despite the gravity and extent of his actions, Lenín Moreno will not be the deciding factor in the April runoff. Rather, it will be a test for the legacy of Rafael Correa, and (assuming it is allowed to proceed fairly) it will show whether or not the country wants to be governed by the left wing policies of the recent past or the Washington-aligned neoliberalism of the present.

  • André Frappier’s journey as a class struggle militant

    I first met André Frappier in the late 1970s, when we were members of the Revolutionary Workers League, a pan-Canadian Marxist cadre organization. When the league decided to hoist its banner in the 1980 federal election campaign, André was chosen as our candidate in a downtown Montréal riding. For André, this was by no means the end of his political activism, quite the contrary, as this recent interview by Pierre Beaudet shows.

  • Living socialism today: Remembering Leo Panitch

    Standing outside a conference with a group of devotees, a famous political scientist brags that there’s only two people in the world he’s afraid of: his mother and Leo Panitch. To anyone who knows Leo, this revelation elicits knowing smiles and an affirmative nodding of heads. But it also poses a question. Those with an authoritative presence tend to bring a distancing from others; how then did so many nevertheless come to feel so close to Leo?

  • Luis Arce’s Bolivia and the new regionalism in Latin America

    Although it remains to be seen how many gains will be made and how many existing gains will be secured, there is no doubt that the integration measures of Luis Arce’s administration in Bolivia, and the continued push for socialist governance across Latin America and the Caribbean, represents a great opportunity for the new regionalism of which Chávez spoke in 2011, and for which his allies continue to struggle today.

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