• Socialist savant: Leo Panitch (1945-2020)

    Leo Panitch was a socialist savant whose lifelong opposition to capitalism and its deformation of human experience never wavered. As Leo made abundantly clear, in so many ways, over so many years of involvement in and contribution to the socialist left, it is time to get rid of this system of exploitation and oppression, whose inherent destructiveness now places all of humanity at obvious risk.

  • Varieties of anti-capitalism for a 21st century economic democracy

    While not a heroic call to arms, Wright’s last book is useful in its analysis and concise in its strategy. His life’s work imagined utopia, and while some may find this manifesto too tame of a project or too naïve to embark upon, it ought to be a great starting point for those who feel stuck in capitalism’s contemporary quagmire and have yet to envision a socialist alternative.

  • Beyond the New Democratic Party

    In charting a course forward, amid the pandemic and beyond, socialists must use their energy strategically. Transforming the New Democratic Party, for many, might simply prove to be too costly or too pointless to manage in a time of great upheaval and even greater opportunity. With so many trains leaving the station, is the NDP’s the right one to jump on?

  • Leo Panitch: Teacher, friend, comrade

    Leo Panitch was a tall man, and maybe because of those long legs of his, he always walked quickly. Often too quickly for me. Even though I am a former speed-walker, he was always one step ahead. It was as if he wanted to anticipate tomorrow, to approach it, to understand it, and to project it through teaching. That is why his memory and his example weigh heavily upon us now.

  • Leo Panitch and the socialist project

    Though larger than life in so many ways, Leo was after all a human being, and human beings die. His passing has been unspeakably difficult for me, as for so many others who were close to him. But insofar as he was dedicated to the socialist mission, something that is larger than his—or anyone else’s—life, he cannot die. He will live on in the ideas he espoused and the lives he touched.

  • In appreciation of Leo Panitch

    The sudden death our friend and comrade Leo Panitch has led to an extraordinary outpouring of sadness and appreciation across the world. Very few intellectuals on the left have had the intellectual impact on progressive thinkers and activists that Leo has had, as the flood of testimonials shows; and fewer still have in addition personally trained a comparable network of scholars of the highest calibre.

  • Empire, socialism and November with Leo Panitch

    Sanjiv Gupta interviewed Leo Panitch in September 2020. They discussed two issues which Panitch has studied and written about for decades. First, whether the pandemic has fundamentally altered the geopolitical balance between the United States and other great powers. And second, how socialists in the US should approach the November elections. For Panitch, the two issues are intimately connected.

  • Why socialists should join the ONDP now

    Many leftists believe that social movement organizing is more important than electoral politics. But the labour movement needs a labour party in government, and socialists ignore the need to gain power at our own peril. It seems to me that our best chance of avoiding the disappointment of 2018 is to join the ONDP now and team up with other socialists within the party struggling to push it to the left.

  • Weather report: Biden barometer falling—storm front for the left

    Progressive mobilizations against the right and its reactionary politics rarely, under capitalism, garner an appreciative response from the so-called mainstream centre, even as it often benefits from this support. For after Biden’s slow trotting victory lap in the calm atmosphere of a congratulatory consensus, a hard rain’s a-gonna fall. And the deluge will not be pounding the right. It will be drowning the left.

  • The terminal politics of ‘more of the same’

    We are living in a time of biomedical, economic and ecological crises. A Biden administration will only offer more of the same measures that will fuel the rise of something even more aberrant than Trump. The only alternative lies neither in unity with the political centre nor in the false hope of deliverance by lesser evil, but in mass social action and the forging of a clear socialist project.

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