• Seattle and the Socialist Surge in the United States

    The all-out drive by big business to defeat Seattle’s socialist councillor Kshama Sawant is spurring a sharp reaction by working people, who have stepped up in record numbers to defend their seat on the City Council. Already the campaign to defend Sawant has assembled the biggest, most sophisticated door-knocking operation in modern Seattle history.

  • Turning the page: CD goes digital

    We invite our readers and supporters to join us online as we make this transition, and we look forward, in the months and years ahead, to engaging with a new generation of people who want to change the world. As we bow out of the tangible world of print, we want to thank our subscribers for their sustaining solidarity. ¡Hasta la victoria siempre!

  • 20 Essential Books on Marxist Ecology

    It’s two years since I published my last Essential Reading list. Since then I’ve received many suggestions for additions, and many new books have been published. It’s time for an update. My selection criteria are subjective: these are books that I have found particularly valuable, that I refer to frequently, and that I often recommend to others. I make no apology for including two of my own books — if I didn’t think people ought to read them, I wouldn’t have written them.

  • Transforming Capitalist Power: From the Streets to the State

    How can we develop a democratic socialist politics that has a strategy for preventing co-optation into government institutions and ruling classes? The mutually transformative collaborations between the new radical left parties and the egalitarian social movements demonstrate what our principle could be: More than a movement, more than a party.

  • Between Dystopia and Democratic Socialism

    After the fall of the Berlin Wall, there was a widespread sense that liberal capitalism had triumphed in the battle of ideas, and that socialism as a plausible alternative was pretty much dead. But the many crises of contemporary capitalism – obscene levels of economic inequality, looming ecological disaster, the rise of the racist and anti-democratic populist right – threaten dystopia, an unbearable future. In response, the idea of socialism has been re-discovered by a layer of activists struggling for radical change, especially young people.

  • How Can We Prevent Climate Catastrophe?

    There are other demands that could and should be raised, including a huge expansion of mass transit and a state-of-the art high-speed-train network across the country. Demands like these begin to challenge the logic of the capitalist market and give the opportunity to build campaigns and movements that can go on to fight for more. The role of socialists is to participate in whatever struggles like this emerge while making an argument about why we need to go much further with the goal of building an ecosocialist alternative to capitalism.

  • The American Left Resurgent: Prospects and Tensions

    The American left currently finds itself on unfamiliar political terrain. Interest in socialism is growing, especially among a younger generation. Outrage toward Trump’s racism and xenophobia, millennials’ anxieties about their economic prospects, and a deepening skepticism about the ability of establishment to address these problems has caused many to seek answers on the left.

  • The Lesson Ocasio-Cortez and Sanders have for the Left: Embrace Class Conflict

    It must be put clearly that class conflict is a reality in this country, too; that the economic elite have never supported the CCF-NDP, and they never will; and that we’ll be branded as class-warriors and socialists no matter what our policies, however ambitious or modest. We need to embrace the image we have, and not be ashamed of it. We need to take the progressive policies already on our books, and put them front-and-centre. We need to stand with allies like Ocasio-Cortez, Sanders, and Jeremy Corbyn in Britain, who are fighting similar fights.

  • Want Better Sex? Consider Moving to a Socialist Country

    It could be the deprioritization of female pleasure, resulting in fewer orgasms for women. Or it might be capitalism. Kristen Ghodsee, author of Why Women Have Better Sex Under Socialism, argues that the economic system contributes not only to women’s sexual dissatisfaction, but to their ability to find satisfying romantic partners and any semblance of work-life balance.

  • The New Deal is Not Enough

    Look back to the southern aristocrats who owned plantations and held human beings as slaves. When confronted with a challenge to their slavery-based system, the slave-owning class was prepared to fight a civil war to save it. The capitalist class, which today rules the country and dominates the global economic system, will be just as intransigent. They will not give up their wealth without a fight. A “political revolution” cannot be achieved unless working people and all of the oppressed in our society rise up and take power into their own hands.

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