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  • Shaking up the status quo in the NDP

    Assessing Avi Lewis’s run for a parliamentary seat and possible longer term ambitions must be put into context if it has any meaning for the left other than to shake things up a bit. The real question is whether this can be seen as part of a larger effort to radically transform Canadian politics and the New Democratic Party, and whether such a project has any real prospects.

  • Capitalism is on life support. We have a decision to make

    Choosing when is the right time to let go is hard. The decision becomes much easier when the pain and suffering outweigh the benefits of living. Over the last 14 months, we’ve seen an economy on life support—capitalism kept alive by injection after injection of public money. Are we ignoring the suffering it brings and simply keeping the system alive because we cannot imagine life without it? Is it time to let go?

  • Why this year’s UN vote on Cuba embargo is more urgent than ever

    On June 23, the United Nations General Assembly will vote to condemn the six-decade-long United States embargo of Cuba. Again. What makes this year’s vote more pressing is that US President Joe Biden—who vowed during last year’s presidential campaign he’d reverse Trump administration measures that “inflicted harm on the Cuban people”—is now making life worse instead of better for the Cuban people.

  • Pedro Castillo’s victory raises hopes beyond Peru

    Peru’s June 6 presidential election pitted two candidates with very dissimilar backgrounds against each other: Keiko Fujimori, a former first lady and three-time presidential candidate with the solid support of the nation’s elite, against Pedro Castillo, who is the epitome of an outsider. Castillo, a primary school teacher since the age of 25, has never held an elected office.

  • The ‘S’ word in American politics—time for a reclamation

    As President Joe Biden seeks approval on a $6 trillion budget, it will become increasingly unconvincing to give in to popular misunderstanding and continue throwing “socialism” under the bus. The president and his administration would do better to reclaim and rehabilitate the word by highlighting the proud legacy of socialist activism within the American labour movement.

  • Peru’s Pedro Castillo represents a challenge to the Canadian mining industry

    Given the huge importance of Peruvian minerals to Canadian mining companies, it is likely that Peru’s socialist presidential candidate Pedro Castillo will face substantive challenges from both the industry and the Trudeau government if he wins the presidency on June 6. But he will have the support of the rural poor and the historically dispossessed who have suffered throughout the country’s recent history.

  • Avi Lewis brings bold Green New Deal vision to NDP campaign

    It’s official: Avi Lewis is running for the NDP in the next federal election, which may well happen later this year. He secured the nomination for West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country in late May, and has hit the ground running on his campaign. According to Christo Aivalis, Lewis has an opportunity to make a real impact on Canadian politics within the formal arena.

  • Québec Solidaire tightens party discipline with a view to election

    Québec Solidaire was born fifteen ears ago from the unification of the principal left forces in Québec that adopted a common progressive and independentist program. As it grows, having elected 10 Members of the National Assembly in 2018, the party is tempted by the lure of power and a tendency toward the concentration of power internally. These tendencies were in evidence at the party’s May 15-16 National Council meeting.

  • With Greyhound gone, let’s replace it with a national public intercity operator

    In the aftermath of the Greyhound shutdown, regional bus services across the country have indicated an interest in filling the gap. But how can the country trust private firms to fulfill an essential service that risks being abandoned to the vicissitudes of the market? How can the country trust private firms to run affordable intercity routes for those who need them most? We can’t. Nor should we try.

  • 2021 NDP convention day three: Party offers roadmap for a better Canada

    The 2021 NDP convention wrapped up today, and it provided a potential roadmap to NDP success in the next election, as well as a more just, equal, and humane Canada. And while the format of this convention didn’t fully facilitate member participation, their energy still shined though. The party must reflect that light and magnify it if it wishes to succeed.

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