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Standing Our Ground

Volume 41, Number 2: March/April 2007

Canadian Dimension celebrates International Women’s Day with profiles of women who are changing the world, Bernadette Wagner on Canadian feminists taking on the Conservative agenda and a personal dimension by Québec Solidaire co-leader Françoise David. Also in this issue, a primer on the upcoming federal election – Canadian Dimension’s Platform for a Different Canada includes progressive policy directions on climate change, foreign policy, energy security, taxation and Aboriginal issues and a proposal for renewing democracy with popular assemblies.

Table of Contents


  • Thinking Bigger, Doing Better
  • The Horowitz Paragraph
  • Labour Report
  • Québec Communiqué
  • Vulture Culture
  • On The Edge

Opening Arguments

International Women’s Day

  • Back Atcha Backlash
  • Women Changing the World
  • A Life of Solidarity

All That’s Left

  • Democracy Inc.
  • Helping Canadian Jazz Stay Healthy
  • Beckham
  • Bleeding Afghanistan

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