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50th anniversary issue

Volume 47, Issue 2: March/April 2013

The Canadian Dimension of 2013, is, in many ways, the same as the Canadian Dimension of 1963 — an alternative mirror of our life and times, a sharp stick in the eye of authority, a cry for justice, an attempt to illuminate the often murky way forward. But in 1963 we didn’t write about feminism, the environment, human rights, gay liberation, and the connection between the politics we espouse and the way we live our lives. Leftish thinking, and socialism for that matter, hadn’t considered these issues, much less understood their importance.

Dimension’s evolution reflected a growing awareness that political consciousness, how people become involved in political action, is very complex and stems from a variety of experiences. Perception of racial or sexual oppression, their awareness of the degradation of nature, or of military or cultural domination of the weak by the powerful — any of these may be as key a politicizing factor as their class exploitation.

Table of Contents


  • More Idle No More
  • Calling Foul on Canada
  • “Right-to-Work” Offensive Raises New Challenges
  • Around the Left in 60 Days

Reflections on CD through five decades

  • Going the Distance
  • Making CD More Accessible in the 1970s
  • Marking the Contours of the Left
  • An Open Field for a Critical Take on Sport
  • Intellectual Energy and Consistent Radicalism
  • CD: Ally of the Rank and File
  • The View from the Pacific Edge
  • Still Here, Still Critical
  • 50 years of Continuity and Change
  • The Green Dimension
  • CD and “culture”
  • Chronicle of a Movement Defining Itself
  • Revolution and Self-Determination
  • Politics and the Personal Dimension
  • Canada: The External Dimension

50 REASONS to defeat Harper (and ways to do it)

  • Reads for Radicals: 50+ must reads
  • Renewing Our Ranks

All That’s Left

  • Indigenous Resistance Resurgent
  • Mining Profits and Canadian Imperialism
  • From Corporation to Crisis: A Landmark Work of Historical Materialism
  • Harper’s Empire: The Ugly Canadian
  • The bonds of debt
  • Come from the shadows
  • 2011whose streets? the toronto g20 and the challenges of summit protest
  • The Current and CBC’s Renaissance

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