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Sci-Fi Politics

Volume 41, Number 5: September/October 2007

In this issue: our continuing focus on artists and politics – featuring an interview with Ursula K. Le Guin on science fiction, capitalism and forgiveness – and articles on the Americanization of Japanese monster movies and politics in the Canadian novel. Also inside, the upcoming referendum on proportional representation in Ontario, one man’s struggle against Israeli home demolitions, the Alberta disadvantage in higher education, and one family’s role in the development of Left politics in Canada.

Table of Contents


  • The Horowitz Paragraph
  • The Final Takeover
  • Labour Report
  • Québec Communiqué
  • One Native Life
  • On The Edge

Opening Arguments

Artists and Politics

Education Focus


All That’s Left

  • Plotting Against History
  • Creating a Community of Theatre
  • America’s Most Successful Socialist
  • Get Your Threat On!
  • A Gold Medal in Hypocrisy
  • Vulture Culture

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