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The Food Issue

Volume 45, Issue 4: July/August 2011

We might have hoped that by the 21st century hunger would be a scourge of the past. But the problem is actually worse now than it was a decade ago. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that one in seven people on the planet are undernourished. Most of those 925 million souls live in the Global South, where food prices have soared in recent years due to speculation, high oil prices, extreme weather, corporate control of the food system, and the increasing diversion of cereals to livestock and bio-fuel production. People do not go hungry because there is not enough food in the world; they go hungry because they are poor. But the deadly combination of population growth, desertification and accelerating climate change could change that sooner than anyone cares to imagine.

Table of Contents

  • Determined Defiant DePape
  • Election 2011: What matters is what we do in between
  • Around the Left in 60 Days
  • The Federal Election and Labour
  • The Edible is Political
  • Fare Questions
  • Time for a Food Revolution
  • Our Home on Foreign-Owned Land
  • Resetting the Table: A People’s Food Policy for Canada
  • Social Justice Deficits in the Local Food Movement
  • Do They Not Bleed? Industrial agriculture and the cruel fate of farm animals
  • Canada’s Disappearing Farmland
  • Red Recipes
  • Cochabamba + 1: Taking On the Climate Justice Challenge
  • Ten Quick Propositions: An ecosocialist response to the climate crisis
  • A Tar Sands Partnership Agreement in the Making?
  • All Knowledge is Theft
  • Book Marks
  • Oh what a lovely scandal!

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