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Big Media

Volume 42, Number 1: January/February 2008

Eight huge conglomerates control the messages Canadians hear, see and read. In this issue, CD introduces the movement underway to monitor and reform Canadian media, among the most monopolized in the western world. The special section includes articles by Robert Hackett, Steve Anderson, David Skinner, Dwayne Winseck and Chris Arsenault and Nicole Cohen. Also inside: Mel Watkins on Naomi Klein’s The Shock Doctrine; neoliberalism in Ontario; fighting in the Gaza ghetto; and our regular feature, Around the Left in 60 Days.

Table of Contents


Opening Arguments

  • André Gorz (1923 -2007)
  • Hollowing Out
  • Squandered Surpluses
  • Fighting in the Gaza Ghetto
  • “One Ontario” Under Neoliberalism

Big Media

All That’s Left

  • Warm Words from the Margins of Empire
  • Exposing the Corporate Media

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