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The Battle for Canada’s North

Volume 47, Issue 3: May/June 2013

Nearly 50 years ago, CD published an article by P.S. Barry entitled “Our Northern Colony.” As the articles in this special issue show, the north remains a colony inside Canada. With its resources being pursued that much more fervently by mining and energy capital in recent decades, it has become even more a contested terrain as indigenous communities organize themselves to protect their traditional lands from being ripped apart by rapacious corporations. All the stories collected in this issue reflect the experiences of indigenous activists. Interestingly, with 75 percent of the world’s mining companies registered in Canada, stories of resistance to mining here are being carried everywhere in the world where indigenous peoples are facing the same companies. And, as described in “From Ontario to Oaxaca” by Jenny Wilton and Liam Barrington-Bush, “the new unity being forged between indigenous communities fighting to defend their lands against foreign corporations has found a home under the broad banner of Idle No More.” Idle is circling the globe. Now there’s a Canadian export worth promoting!

Table of Contents

The Regulars

  • End of the Penny
  • Defeating Harper from Below
  • Around the Left in 60 Days
  • Mother Earth and Being a Parent
  • Québec Sovereignty and Social Change in Canada
  • Right to Work
  • Consent: Debatable?

The North

  • Focus Intro
  • The Dissociative State of Nunavut
  • Idle No More Brings a Divided People Toward Unification
  • From Ontario to Oaxaca: How to kick a mining company out of your community
  • Canadian mine bosses have bloody hands: Justice for our Guatemalan sisters and brothers
  • Poplar River First Nation and the Pimachiowin Aki UNESCO World Heritage Site Nomination
  • What Happens When the Shale Boom Goes Boom?
  • When the Workers Sang Union Maid

All that’s Left

  • Burying Hugo Chavez
  • Sports, Militarism and Patriarchal Violence: A conversation with Tyler Shipley
  • Keep True by Howard Pawley
  • Digital Disconnect by Robert W. McChesney
  • Creative Subversions by Margot Francis
  • Escape To Gold Mountain by David H.T. Wong
  • The Iraq War and the Media: No apologies, no accountability

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