Canada as a New Imperial Power?

Volume 40, Number 6: November/December 2006

Is Canada a new imperial power? The idea may sound strange for a nation of hockey-loving hosers, but there might just be something to it. Our new issue takes on the question by looking at Canada’s approach to foreign policy – partnerships in American military exploits and democracy promotion, a growing alliance with Israel, questionable practices by CIDA and Canadian-based mining companies in developing nations, and a growing focus on militarism rather than diplomacy. Also inside: a personal dimension by Mel Watkins, Elizabeth May’s Green Party, Cuba After Fidel, and Rupert Murdoch vs. MySpace anarchy.

Table of Contents


Opening Arguments

All That’s Left

  • Personal Dimension
  • Games for People Who Want to Change the World
  • Unpacking the Passive Refugee
  • Drawing the Lessons of 9/11
  • Wal-Town
  • Manitoba Baseball Hall of Fame
  • Dubmatix

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