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Economies in Transition

Volume 48, Issue 2: March/April 2014

The world’s economy has gone through massive changes over the past quarter century or so. As we’ve analyzed them in this special issue of Canadian Dimension, these changes include the transition from state socialism to state capitalism in Russia and China and their incorporation into a world of global capitalism.

They also include the consolidation of neoliberal principles of privatization, deregulation, free trade and a weakening of the welfare state in every country across the globe; the emergence of a post-apartheid South Africa; the rise of a range of socialist governments in parts of South America; and a turn toward austerity throughout Europe as fallout from post-Great Recession deficits caused by governments attempts to avoid a great Depression.

This special issue reflects on the transitions of a number of countries around the world. Space permitting, we would have liked to include Brazil, Iceland, Indonesia and still other countries undergoing huge transitions in recent years. Let us know if you want us to devote a future issue on other economies in transition. The Transitions focus was co-edited by Greg Albo and Cy Gonick.

Table of Contents

The Regulars

  • Abolish the Senate: CD Paragraph
  • From Minimum Wage to Minimum Program: Editorial
  • Around the Left in 60 Days
  • Fight to Keep Household Mail Delivery
  • Where Have All the Monarchs Gone? EcoSIDE

Economies in Transition

  • Economic Transitions & Political Economy
  • Then and Now: Canada
  • Neoliberal South Africa After Aparthied: A Better Life Betrayed
  • China in the Age of Transition
  • The Transition to Capitalism in Russia
  • Trajectories of Egyptian Neoliberalism
  • Cuba: At the Crossroads
  • India in Crisis
  • Turkey: Three Decades of Turbulence - and counting
  • The Decline of the U.S. (and everyone else)

Special Features

All That’s Left

  • “Carry It On”: Remembering Pete Seeger
  • Bookmarks
  • Predator Nation
  • The Popular Front
  • Anne MacDonald’s No More Blood in Our phones

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