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Good to the Last Drop

Volume 40, Number 5: September/October 2006

The second of a two-issue series on environment and climate change. In this issue, a special focus on Water – Who owns it? Who controls it? Who gets it? Articles include Tony Clarke on sending Canada’s water south; Paul Moist on the commercialization of water and the need for a national water policy; and articles by Judy da Silva and Ellen Lutz on water issues and Canadian First Nations and indigenous peoples worldwide. Also inside: Boycotting Israel; Canadian Football – a worker’s paradise; and Leonilda Zurita takes us inside the Bolivian resistance.

Table of Contents

Opening Arguments

Feature: Good to the Last Drop


  • The Horowitz Paragraph
  • Indian Country
  • Labour Report
  • Québec Communiqué
  • Left Film Guide
  • On the Edge

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