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Indigenous Lands and Rights: Volume 42, Number 2

In this double issue, CD documents the Fight for Indigenous Rights and Indigenous Land, and focuses on International Women’s Day by celebrating “Women Who Are Changing the World.” It is fitting that this year’s International Women’s Day comes on the twentieth anniversary of the ruling by the Supreme Court of Canada that the abortion law violated women’s right to control her own body free from state interference. Its been twenty long years but even today abortion is by no means available to all who choose that procedure. Also inside is the politically motivated art of Minerva Cuevas who will be the in Winnipeg this spring to work with the artists at MAWA, a very fine community organization that works in Winnipeg’s inner city.

This issue and the feature on MAWA and Minerva Cuevas was made possible with the financial support of the Manitoba Arts Council’s Community Connections and Access Grant. We thank them for their generous support of this issue.

Table of Contents


  • Drawing a line in the sand
  • After Bali: Time for a Different Kind of Climate Politics
  • Pirate Superhero: The Art of Minerva Cuevas

Fighting for Indigenous Land and Rights

International Women’s Day

All That’s Left

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