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Oil Sucks!

Volume 40, Number 4: July/August 2006

In this issue, Oil Sucks, and other Reasons for Taking Action on Climate Change – The Harper Government has trashed the targets of the Kyoto Protocol. Meanwhile, from the Tar Sands to Ontario’s nuclear plants, Canadians are addicted to endless supplies of affordable energy. What are the ecological consequences of a society reliant on diminishing supplies of petroleum? How are we going to get ready for a world after oil? Is nuclear power a real alternative? And who controls the remaining Canadian oil supplies anyway? The July/August issue is the first of two special editions devoted to energy, the environment and climate change.

Table of Contents


Opening Arguments

  • The Power and the Peace
  • Canada’s Military Lobby
  • Satellites of War
  • Telecom Deregulation: Three Myths

Feature: The Challenge of Peak Oil

All That’s Left

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