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  • False hopes or political strategy?

    We are in the midst of a fundamental turning point in the earth’s environment from climate change, with many catastrophic consequences unfolding, from species extinction to habitat loss to enormous obstacles and costs for human adaptation; and the Left remains, in almost all zones of the world, but especially in North America, on the margins as a social force in the face of a reconstructed and more authoritarian neoliberalism. How to respond in such a situation?

  • Unmaking global capitalism

    Economic Crisis

    The fundamental contradiction of capitalism, Marx and Engels argued, was that as capitalists brought workers together to increase profits they opened the door to workers discovering their own potential. Capitalism created its own gravediggers. Sam Gindin explores limits and opportunities to make digging a little easier.

  • Quebec election: a seismic shift within the independence movement?

    Canadian Politics

    The election of a Liberal majority government has been widely interpreted as a major victory for the federal regime and quite possibly the death knell of the fifty-year-old mass movement for Quebec independence, but what do things actually look like for the socialist Left in Québec?

  • Hidden histories and political legacies of the Canadian anti-apartheid movement


    The history of those ordinary Canadians who fought against apartheid has tragically been lost, and those who decried Mandela as a communist terrorist elevated as humanitarian heroes in his passing. Canadian Dimension collective member Chris Webb unpacks the hidden history of Canada’s anti-apartheid movement.

  • Grassroots movement needed, says Labour Congress candidate Husseini

    Canadian Politics

    Regardless of the Canadian Labour Congress presidential outcome, the need for a grassroots labour revival is clear. The stakes are simply too high not to rebuild from the ground up.

  • A grassroots perspective on the Québec elections


    In many respects, nothing has changed following the April 7 Québec elections. Big business remains in power, only its colour has altered from light blue to a Liberal shade of red.

  • China in the age of transition


    A new Chinese revolution could turn the global balance of power again to the favor of the global working classes and progressive social forces, argues Minqi Li in this Canadian Dimension exclusive from our latest magazine issue.

  • U.S. proxy terror war on Venezuela

    The U.S. is fueling a violent proxy conflict in Venezuela in attempt to overthrow the democratically-elected Maduro administration, argues James Petras.

  • Tony Benn—educator, radical, champion of democracy


    Labour’s longest-serving MP, who has died at the age of 88, had an unshakable belief in democracy and Labour.

  • Catastrophism: The Apocalyptic Politics of Collapse and Rebirth

    Catastophism is meant as "a political intervention, designed to spur debate among radicals." Catherine Friedrich has taken this as an invitation for discussion.

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