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  • Women’s liberation, everyone’s liberation

    The slogan of freedom hit very hard at the attempts to control women in their private spaces. It was a slogan being raised in the context of freedom on the streets, but then it soon became about freedom from the father, from control inside the home, from being told who you can marry and who you can’t.

  • Socialist Feminism in the 21st Century

    Socialist-feminist politics offers a unique perspective for organizing in the 21st century. Socialist-feminists’ commitment to self-organization supports organizational structures that are non-hierarchical and democratic and therefore more inclusive.

  • Gaming for Equality: Komma Lika Finds a Friendly Way to Raise Awareness at Home

    Everybody wants the revolution, but nobody wants to do the dishes… or the laundry… or the grocery shopping… or take out the trash. Specifically, women disproportionally perform the majority of domestic labour in contemporary households. That is why Swedish feminist Maria Loohufvud invented the new game Komma Lika: to find a fun yet concrete way to demonstrate the persistent unequal division of domestic labour with the aim of changing it.

  • A Look Back: Indigenous Resistance in 2013

    From disrupting tar sands megaloads and pipelines infrastructure, to mining blockades, logging blockades Idle No More actions, a brief synopsis of Land Defense and Sovereigntist struggles across Turtle Island that burned bright this 2013.

  • We All Lose in Canada’s Austerity Olympics

    The federal Conservatives continue to take part in the global austerity Olympics with their 2014 budget as fallout from the largest economic crisis since the Great Depression continues, and people and the planet are suffering as a result. Nobody wins with this approach.

  • Documenting the fight for decriminalization in the sex workers’ rights movement

    Sex workers have for too long been seen as something less than fully human, our work seen as unskilled, as a “high-risk lifestyle” rather than a job. Our fight for decriminalization is but one aspect of the sex workers’ rights movement. The other, more complex component is our fight against stigma and the silence that we are encouraged to maintain around our work.

  • The Legacy of Henry Morgentaler

    Morgentaler’s death gave the media the chance to love to hate anyone who colours or steps outside the lines. And Morgentaler certainly did that.

  • CD and Feminism: Chronicle of a Movement Defining Itself

    Over its 50 years, Canadian Dimension featured some of Canada’s most well-known and thought provoking feminists, activists and scholars, the majority of whom straddled the line between academia and activism. This was fitting for a magazine that has made such a dedicated effort to mobilize knowledge in ways that activists can use in their struggles.

  • NDP Leadership Race from a Gendered Lense

    One womyn is too young, the other is too old: Is age really the factor in the NDP leadership race?

  • Building a Movement With Love and with Rage

    While clearly we did not solve oppression at the gathering (shucks!), 350 young feminists returned to their communities questioning and critiquing how to collectively organize without reproducing the very oppressions we are fighting against, and how to develop effective tools for anti-oppression work.

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