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  • Amnesia and fragmentation in the narrative of Israel’s occupation of Palestine

    Apartheid lives long after headlines have declared one or another victory, and discomfited politicians praise this or that ceasefire. But the fragmented nature of mainstream media coverage serves Israel’s narrative well, distracting from the unbroken continuity of the Nakba and Israeli apartheid, and making it difficult for the Canadian public to grasp the magnitude of Israel’s battering of human dignity.

  • Free speech on Palestine: Time to push back

    There is a need for bold and wide-ranging approaches to Palestine solidarity at this time. However, we must also confront a major barrier that stands in the way of such forward movement. In the last few years, Israel’s enablers have made progress in attacking the legitimacy of support for the Palestinian struggle by falsely equating it with anti-Semitism. These accusations have seriously obstructed the work of left movements and activists.

  • For Canadian taxpayers, why is Israel still a charity case?

    Over the past two weeks, Canada has seen its most significant ever outpouring of support for Palestinian rights, with tens of thousands Taking to the streets to denounce Israel’s violence. But if we want to turn the tide against Israeli apartheid, we need to focus on ending Palestinian dispossession by targeting a little-discussed aspect of Canada’s ongoing complicity: tax deductible charitable donations.

  • Israel’s actions endanger Jews everywhere

    As it stands, Israel is a racist, apartheid state that confers rights on Jews that it denies Palestinians, and its international support is deteriorating rapidly. As long as the Israeli state continues its repetitive violations of international law and maintains the oppression of its Arab minority, that support will ultimately disappear, putting Jews in Israel and around the world in increased danger.

  • Sheikh Jarrah, the permanent Nakba

    Will history remember Benjamin Netanyahu as the wrecker of Zionism or the revealer of its racist underbelly? A sorcerer’s apprentice or a Jewish supremacist? By courting the settlers and the ultra-religious parties, Netanyahu has spread the gangrene of fascism in the heart of a society that thought itself virtuous. History will at any rate confirm his role in the disintegration of a colossal fiction: that of Israeli democracy.

  • With Greyhound gone, let’s replace it with a national public intercity operator

    In the aftermath of the Greyhound shutdown, regional bus services across the country have indicated an interest in filling the gap. But how can the country trust private firms to fulfill an essential service that risks being abandoned to the vicissitudes of the market? How can the country trust private firms to run affordable intercity routes for those who need them most? We can’t. Nor should we try.

  • Interview with Palestine Youth Movement and Palestine Resolution 2021

    May 15 marks the 73rd anniversary of the Nakba. At the same time, the Israeli occupation has once again increased their assault on Palestinian civilians in east Jerusalem and Gaza. Habibti Please was honoured to be joined by guests from Palestinian youth Movement Toronto and some of the core organizers behind Palestine Resolution 2021 at the NDP Convention.

  • The Xinjiang genocide allegations are unjustified

    According to Jeffrey Sachs and William Schabas, there are credible charges of human rights abuses against Uighurs, but those do not per se constitute genocide. And we must understand the context of the Chinese crackdown in Xinjiang, which had essentially the same motivation as America’s foray into the Middle East and Central Asia after the September 2001 attacks: to stop the terrorism of militant Islamic groups.

  • Federal budget ignores Canada’s ongoing genocide against Indigenous peoples

    Canada’s continued denial of the basic human rights of Indigenous peoples is written right into budget 2021, a document that clearly falls well short on addressing this country’s ongoing genocide crisis. How many more Indigenous women and girls need to go missing before the federal government addresses this historic crime for what it is—genocide—and takes the nationwide urgent action that is needed to end it?

  • Trudeau abandons promised LTC standards, bowing to for-profit care agenda

    After promising to establish national standards for long-term care in response to the tragic outcomes of COVID-19, the federal government has now washed its hands of that responsibility. It is instead passing the buck to a toothless accreditation industry to create updated standards. This band-aid solution is a far cry from what experts, advocates, and many residents, have long been asking for.

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