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Human Rights

  • Fixing the housing crisis will mean treating shelter as a right—not a commodity

    Those who argue that the housing crisis is a state failure neglect the fact the use of market stock as an investment tool is central to the problem of affordability. If housing is treated as a commodity, with the central goal of extracting a return, the market will price out and displace people. To end the housing crisis, we must end the commodity crisis. It’s well past time we ended both.

  • Liberals could have worked with the NDP to ban conversion therapy—instead, they chose to play games with the Tories

    Conversion therapy is premised on the noxious idea that gay people are broken. Jurisdictions around the world have outlawed these pseudoscientific “therapies,” and similar legislation is long past due in Canada—so it is utterly despicable that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delayed his long-promised ban on the practice to put the interests of the Liberal Party ahead of those being victimized today.

  • Why this year’s UN vote on Cuba embargo is more urgent than ever

    On June 23, the United Nations General Assembly will vote to condemn the six-decade-long United States embargo of Cuba. Again. What makes this year’s vote more pressing is that US President Joe Biden—who vowed during last year’s presidential campaign he’d reverse Trump administration measures that “inflicted harm on the Cuban people”—is now making life worse instead of better for the Cuban people.

  • After the ceasefire: What’s next for Palestine

    The present moment should be read dialectically: on the one hand, imperialist states like the US, Canada, and the EU regard Israel as a valuable asset and will continue providing it with decisive support. On the other, popular and anti-imperialist forces are ratcheting up the struggle, as massive crowds turned out for Palestine across much of the Western world last month.

  • How France lied about Hassan Diab

    With unethical conduct, French authorities sought to pull the wool over Canada’s eyes. Their act of deception and shoddy legal work reek of colonial contempt, not to mention Islamophobic bias. The mystery bomber aside, they are the guilty party, and it is high time we placed them on the hot seat and exposed their multiple crimes against the long-suffering Dr. Hassan Diab.

  • Canada’s genocidal past and present exposed with mass Indigenous child grave

    It is one thing to recognize our society as having genocidal roots in the distant past. But the reality of Indigenous genocide, in particular children kidnapped and killed in the manufactories of murder otherwise known as Indian Residential Schools, confronts us today, and what we see in the here and now is the ongoing genocide of Indigenous people and cultures.

  • Amnesia and fragmentation in the narrative of Israel’s occupation of Palestine

    Apartheid lives long after headlines have declared one or another victory, and discomfited politicians praise this or that ceasefire. But the fragmented nature of mainstream media coverage serves Israel’s narrative well, distracting from the unbroken continuity of the Nakba and Israeli apartheid, and making it difficult for the Canadian public to grasp the magnitude of Israel’s battering of human dignity.

  • Free speech on Palestine: Time to push back

    There is a need for bold and wide-ranging approaches to Palestine solidarity at this time. However, we must also confront a major barrier that stands in the way of such forward movement. In the last few years, Israel’s enablers have made progress in attacking the legitimacy of support for the Palestinian struggle by falsely equating it with anti-Semitism. These accusations have seriously obstructed the work of left movements and activists.

  • For Canadian taxpayers, why is Israel still a charity case?

    Over the past two weeks, Canada has seen its most significant ever outpouring of support for Palestinian rights, with tens of thousands Taking to the streets to denounce Israel’s violence. But if we want to turn the tide against Israeli apartheid, we need to focus on ending Palestinian dispossession by targeting a little-discussed aspect of Canada’s ongoing complicity: tax deductible charitable donations.

  • Israel’s actions endanger Jews everywhere

    As it stands, Israel is a racist, apartheid state that confers rights on Jews that it denies Palestinians, and its international support is deteriorating rapidly. As long as the Israeli state continues its repetitive violations of international law and maintains the oppression of its Arab minority, that support will ultimately disappear, putting Jews in Israel and around the world in increased danger.

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