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Yves Engler

  • The ‘N’ in NDP now stands for neoliberal

    This past week may come to be seen as a watershed moment in the NDP’s capitulation to neoliberal capitalism. The nominally social democratic party effectively supported a major corporate trade accord all the while opposing an IMF call for a more progressive tax code. Last week the NDP basically endorsed the agreement that Harper negotiated with the European Union.

  • Our shame: Canada supported apartheid South Africa

    Ottawa;s policy towards apartheid South Africa was controversial among Canadians. There was an active solidarity movement that opposed Canadian support for the racist regime and to the extent that Canadian politicians played a role in challenging South African apartheid it was largely due to their efforts.

  • Inequality grows as CEOs blackmail the rest of us

    After the US, Canada has the second highest CEO-to-worker pay ratio. Yves Engler argues politicians should legislate a maximum pay differential between the best and worst paid workers in all companies.

  • The real story about Canada‚Äôs role in Haiti

    On February 28, 2014 tens of thousands are likely to hit the streets across Haiti to once again express their rejection of the U.S./France/Canada coup. Is any major news agency in this country prepared to mark the occasion by telling Canadians what their government has done over the past decade to undermine Haitian sovereignty and democracy?

  • The NDP’s Harper-like Foreign Policy

    Is the NDP the solution or part of the problem for those us who promote a Canadian foreign policy that favours ordinary people around the world?

  • Harper’s Canada and NATO

    Harper’s Conservatives are enamored with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Canada played a central role in last year’s NATO-led bombing of Libya and nearly 1000 Canadian military “trainers” continue to participate in a war the organization is waging in Afghanistan. Last year Defense Minister Peter MacKay justified a plan to establish 7 Canadian military bases around the world, partly on the grounds that “we are big players in NATO.”

  • Harper’s Love Affair with Israel

    Considering this history, it’s not surprising that Ottawa opposes the Palestinian national liberation struggle. To focus on the Jewish lobby is to downplay Canada’s broader pro-colonial, pro-empire foreign policy. It is a mistake to view Ottawa’s support for Israel in isolation.

  • Oh Canada Our home and Wire-tapped Land

    For more than three decades the RCMP ran PROFUNC (PROminent FUNCtionaries of the Communist Party), a highly secretive espionage operation and internment plan. In case of a “national security” threat up to 16,000 suspected communists and 50,000 sympathizers were to be apprehended and interned in one of eightcamps across the country. Initiated by RCMP Commissioner Stuart Taylor Wood in 1950, the plan continued until 1983.

  • The Real Reason Why Harper is So Gung-Ho on Israel

    Retired diplomat Robert Fowler made a splash last month when he voiced the widely held view that Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s slavish support for Israel was driven by ethnic politics

  • Canada alone in opposing the return of Zelaya in Honduras; here’s why

    Hostility to the military coup in Honduras is increasing. So is the Harper government’s isolation on the issue.

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