Our Times 3

D.T. Cochrane

  • NDP platform the most progressive and fiscally responsible of top three parties

    There is much economic uncertainty as the country uneasily exits the pandemic. Now is not the time for governments to be timid. Now is the time for the federal government to lead. Bold spending can deliver long overdue government programs that support those in greatest need and stimulate the economy. As it stands, the NDP’s promises are the only ones that approach the necessary scale of action.

  • Some of Canada’s biggest companies saw record profits during the pandemic

    Early in the pandemic, it was clear that the economic fallout would be unequally distributed. However, few anticipated that the pandemic could mean boom times for some. But that is precisely what happened. While lost wages, lost jobs, and small business closures generated headlines, many of Canada’s largest corporations quietly managed to achieve record profits.

  • Canada should follow Janet Yellen’s lead on corporate taxes

    In Janet Yellen’s confirmation speech to US Senators, she said the government must “act big” to deal with the pandemic’s economic fallout. Three months into her role as the first woman treasury secretary, Yellen is going beyond big spending with an ambitious plan to rollback decades of corporate tax cutting. Canada’s Liberal government must grab the same opportunity to go as big, if not bigger.

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