Our Times 3

Brad Walchuk

  • Organized Labour and New Social Media

    It is fair to say that Canadians are increasingly using New Social Media for personal and professional networking. But what does this mean for organized labour?

  • Does the Right to Strike Still Exist?

    Some things never change. Another summer is upon us, and children are enjoying their break from school; the baseball season is well under way; and the Conservative government is continuing its attack on working people. Last summer, as you may recall, the then newly-elected Conservative government responded with a heavy-hand to three labour disputes: one at Canada Post and two at Air Canada. In all three of these instances, the government sought to eliminate the right to free and fair collective bargaining and the right to strike.

  • Labour Law in Harper’s Canada: New Directions, New Challenges

    Despite all of the worry from progressives of what the Conservatives would do with a majority government, few gave thought to what a Conservative government would do to the labour movement and to labour law. Do the Conservatives have a secret agenda to undermine Canada’s unions?

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