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International Women’s Day International Women's Day photo by apploosa

The student press have excellent coverage marking International Women’s Day, and in keeping with our special double issue launched today, here are a select few:

Abortion debate banned: Procedure likened to genocide This following the slippery slope of C-484.

2008 Federal Budget - a disaster for women, say multiple organizations

I’ll post a shortlist of events and actions taking place around Canada tomorrow.

More from the student press Gay Blood photo by BWJones

Queer Concordia still has bad blood with Hema-Quebec.(Full disclosure: That’s my skinny butt in the article’s photo!)Montreal blogger Robert Vitulano followed up on this, saying “I’m effectively being told that I am a lesser citizen than those who fit Héma’s model.”

Jews, Italians, Blacks targeted: Latest racist graffiti affects more groups on campus

Students gear up for Islam awareness week

Mohawk activist Shawn Brant speaks at Trent

Modern-day slave trade rages unabated

Student Issues Dawson Shooting photo by caribb

Mock live-shooter exercise tests Trent and Pete responses. “A mock ‘live shooter’ scenario organized by Trent Office of Risk Management took place at Trent University recently. The scenario asked the question, what would happen if there were a live shooter at Trent?” Perhaps this is in response to the Dawson shootings, but is a mock ‘live shooter’ really the answer? What about preventative measures as opposed to doomsday scenarios?

Most of the student press also reacted to the scrapping of the Millennium Scholarship Fund’s replacement by income-based grants, but the situation is particularly uncertain in Quebec, where the provincial government may want to hold its jurisdictional ground at the expense of a much-needed reinvestment in education.

Homeless Student Banned from Campus. Marxist geographer Don Mitchell told me in a recent interview (I’ll post it soon) that “the homeless are the most creative people there are - they learn how to live.” This coming from a man who has done a detailed study on the People’s Park in Berkley, where the homeless actually take sanctuary.

Human rights issues at Windsor campus pub. The University of Windsor is supporting an anti-racism student group in its fight with Windsor Police Service after a predominately black party at the campus pub was violently shut down by more than 25 police officers.

Ryerson is lurking on your facebook page. This is, in truth, only part of a larger erosion of the distinction between public and private. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

I decided to present the “Student Press Weekly Review” by subject rather than region or institution in keeping with the broader student movement. This will become a weekly post, so I’d love your feedback.

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