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Susan Rosenthal

  • ‘Capitalism must die to protect the sacred’

    Indigenous people are putting their bodies on the line for the benefit of all. They deserve more than empty gestures—they deserve our unconditional and active support. Any reduction in the power of the state to oppress them reduces its power to oppress anyone else. As The Red Deal emphasizes, none of us will be safe until all of us are safe. This book deserves to be widely read, discussed, and built upon.

  • Confronting medical colonialism

    Written by a Montréal physician specializing in children’s emergency care, Fighting for a Hand to Hold begins with a shocking symptom: sick or injured Indigenous children from northern Québec being air-lifted to southern hospitals unaccompanied by a parent or care-giver who speaks their language. The author investigates this outrageous practice to reveal a racist system of medical colonialism.

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