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Scott Price

  • Referendum on Portage and Main is a huge opportunity for Winnipeg urbanists

    When you account for these economic and political factors, one comes to a fulsome picture: a true people’s urbanism (not one for the privileged few) must bring together people from across the city to prioritize public transit, accessibility, and a robust local democracy promoting engagement on civic issues. The space is there to create this kind of culture. The referendum on Portage and Main this fall is the perfect chance to create it.

  • Transnationalism and Italian anarchists in Canada, 1915-1940

    Travis Tomchuck’s Transnational Radicals focuses on the movement of Italian anarchists from Italy to Canada and the U.S. and back to Italy to show the long-term contours of the Italian anarchist movement and its activities across borders, thus the term “transnational.” Transnationalism is the process by which migrants create and sustain social relations that link their societies of origin and societies of settlement.

  • Mother Tareka addresses the elephants in the room

    Elephants is the perfect soundtrack for the times we live in. Funk’s influences range from funk, hip-hop, Afrobeat and Arabic poetry. The breadth of styles adds several layers to Elephants. It’s not simply hip-hop with Afro-beat horn lines or a funk rhythm section with rapping overtop; instead, each style plays a role in forming the overall sound.

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