James Wilt

  • Ezra Levant’s hateful news outlet enabled by Canada’s media establishment

    Levant and his crew of propagandists exist because the Canadian media establishment allowed them to. Journalists and industry associations should have denounced the outlet and its correspondents as hateful and dangerous and refused to defend it when it encountered problems while attempting to gain press credentials. They could have taken a stand on behalf of oppressed peoples.

  • Coverage of Winnipeg’s Rooster Town blockade reveals media’s anti-Indigenous bias

    Much of the media coverage of the situation has frequently regurgitated blatant colonial biases. These range from allotting a disproportionate percentage of word counts to the arguments of the developer and his lawyer, deploying the language of capitalist conceptions of property ownership, and refusing Indigenous defenders the ability to self-define.

  • Rolling Stone’s new cover article on Trudeau is barefaced propaganda

    The Rolling Stone cover story was particularly unique in demonstrating how corporate media works to maintain and strengthen liberal hegemony by building a compelling personal narrative, using fascists as foil characters, and inadvertently disclosing profoundly racist and capitalist biases in both author Stephen Rodrick and main source, Trudeau himself.

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