Tyler Levitan

  • Government inaction on anti-Palestinian charity reflects Canada’s racist power structure

    We are beginning to hear more about the varieties of racism that plague our country. With a federal election around the corner, those among us who strive for a just peace in Israel-Palestine can raise this issue with our local candidates. At your doorstep, in your community, and at local candidates’ debates, ask them if they support the ongoing charitable status of JNF Canada. Ask them if they think Palestinian lives matter.

  • The Canadian Jewish Establishment Favours Anything But Debate

    It may come as little surprise that the marginalization of dissident Jewish voices pervades the entirety of organized Jewish life in Canada. From Jewish community newspapers and community centres, to the organizations purporting to speak on behalf of Canadian Jews, engaging in reasoned debate on the issue of Israel and Zionism simply cannot happen.

  • Kathleen Wynne: Please refuse ‘honour’ from Israel lobby group

    It is far from acceptable for CIJA to uncritically support the behaviour of the Israeli government and military against Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza and within its borders — behaviour which human rights experts around the world have repeatedly identified as criminal.

  • NDP’s anti-Palestine sentiment is part of a much wider problem

    The denial of Paul Manly as an NDP candidate because of his association Palestine is part of a much wider problem. Tyler Levitan, Campaigns Coordinator for Independent Jewish Voices, explains why.

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