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Mitu Sengupta

  • Mud, Hubris and Malevolent Urban Change

    India seems more preoccupied than ever with showing off its resources and firepower, of which it certainly has plenty, than worrying about their mal-distribution and misuse. This attitude, as my article suggests, is at the heart of all that is wrong with the Commonwealth Games.

  • Mud, Hubris and Malevolent Urban Change: The 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi

    Delhi is an anxious city this monsoon season. Preparations are on at a feverish pace for the nineteenth Commonwealth Games. Around-the-clock construction amid spells of heavy rain has turned Delhi into a swirl of mud and scaffolding. But the city’s frustrated residents expect that their upturned streets, recurrent blackouts and impassable traffic jams will soon give way to something spectacular. On the horizon, or so they’ve been told, is the transformation of India’s congested national capital into a ‘world class city,’ worthy not only of hosting this high-prestige sporting event, but of India’s growing reputation as a the next regional superpower.

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