Our Times 3

John Foster

  • Belarus: Freedom and sanctions in a pipeline country

    Expressing solidarity with the US and Europe, Canada has joined in sanctions against Belarus, citing its concern for human rights and democracy. But sanctions that hurt the economy are unlikely to win hearts and minds. On the contrary, they are almost certain to create misery for people in the targeted country. Since sanctions have failed repeatedly to achieve their intended results, what purpose do they really serve?

  • Nord Stream 2: Last-ditch opposition to nearly-completed pipeline intensifies

    While opposing Nord Stream 2, the United States is itself importing more and more Russian oil. Meanwhile, Russia has become the third largest exporter of oil to the US, after Canada and Mexico. Sentiments against the pipeline remain high in the US, Ukraine and Poland. Affirming their sovereignty, Germany and other European countries plan to finish the pipeline. Despite the brinkmanship, the project moves ahead.

  • Nord Stream 2 pipeline—a saga of intrusion

    The saga of US actions against the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project—a system of offshore natural gas pipelines running under the Baltic Sea from Russia to Germany—reads like a John le Carré novel. In spite of the desire of Germany and other European allies to have it built and even though it is nearly completed, the US persists in thwarting the project. Canada is also against it. Why?

  • Venezuela shows courage in challenging US power

    The enormous and violent efforts by the United States and the Lima Group to secure regime change in Venezuela raises a question: Is this the policy Canadians want our government to pursue? Iran and Venezuela have shown courage in challenging US hegemony against all the odds. Where is Canada’s courage?

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