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Edur Velasco Arregui

  • Obrador and Mexico’s watershed election

    The possibilities of a victory by Andrés Manuel López Obrador, under the rubric of his Morena party, is strongly opposed by most of big business, and needs to be seen in the context of Mexico’s long-term crises-ridden transition toward a not-at-all clear destiny. The destiny promoted by Mexican, Canadian and US big business and political elites has been that of continental integration within the framework of NAFTA, as part of a neoliberal domestic transformation.

  • Partners in Crime:  The Continental Capitalist Offensive and the Killing Fields of Mexico

    The Mexican government, welcomed as a partner of the Canadian and U.S. governments in continental economic development (North American Free Trade Agreement – NAFTA) and continental security also happens to partner in crime and the slaughter of its own people.

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