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Andrea Levy

  • Beyond Criminal

    Ecosystems have remarkable regenerative powers, but at the relentless rate at which humankind is assaulting them, they cannot recover. And for the most part, corporations and governments simply don’t care: nothing is allowed to stand in the way of profits, pressure from lobbyists, or popularity with voters.

  • Talkin’ Harper Cabinet Blues

    Council of Canadians Chair Maude Barlow has described Stephen Harper as “the staunchest right-wing ideologue ever to occupy the Office of Prime Minister.” Not surprisingly, Harper’s dark-blue Tory cabinet looks rather like George W. Bush’s Canadian dream team, with its stamp of social conservatism and punitive predilections, as well as its enthusiasm for deep integration with the U.S., for plumping the military and for all the mantras of neoliberal policy: free trade, privatization, castrating the public sector. Here’s an unrepentantly selective profile of several key players.

    From Harris to Harper

  • Introduction to the Subversion of the University

    Business interests have been grazing in the groves of academe for at least a century, and their presence has always troubled people concerned with academic freedom and the ability of institutions of higher learning to pursue research unfettered by the dictates of profit-seeking.

    Nearly fifty years ago, when Canadian Dimension was founded, the New Left sounded the alarm about the proliferating ties between industry and universities, with such prescient essays as E.P. Thompson’s “The Business University” and James Ridgeway’s The Closed Corporation: American Universities in Crisis. However, the sixties

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