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Taking a Byte Out of Big Tech with Economist Rob Larson

The unassailable power of Big Tech is the subject of economist and professor Rob Larson’s latest book, Bit Tyrants: The Political Economy of Silicon Valley (Haymarket, 2020), which pulls the curtain back on the “playful, cutesy nerd façade” of the world’s largest tech firms, exposing how, in our “feverish worship of innovation… technology companies have largely taken over the economy, hoarded our data, played dirty to crush challengers, and utterly reshaped our lives to their advantage.”

Canadian Dimension spoke with Larson to discuss the anticompetitive practices of the world’s biggest tech corporations, renewed pressure to rein them in, and his vision for a transparent, publicly-controlled and socialized internet. Read the full interview and listen to the full interview.

Canadian Dimension · Taking a byte out of Big Tech with economist Rob Larson


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