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Inuit Focus and Occupy Movement

Volume 46, Issue 1: January/February 2012

This year’s “Indian Country” theme issue of Canadian Dimension deals with the Inuit, the oft-overlooked occupants of the northernmost parts of Canada and Québec. First Nations scholar Peter Kulchyski introduces us to the Inuit peoples and relates the history of their struggles with the colonial Canadian state. Peter Irniq, a founding father of Nunavut, tells us about his life and sheds light on the impact of residential schools on his generation. A non-Inuit graduate student at York University, Warren Bernauer, writes about resistance by the small community of Baker Lake to an international corporate bid to mine the uranium deposits found in the inland of the Kivalliq region.

To offer our readers insight into the continuing global economic turmoil, CD invited three prominent economists to reflect on the roots of the crisis and what lies ahead, and to advance some progressive options. Jim Stanford, Marjorie Griffin Cohen and Sam Gindin answer some basic questions put to them by the Dimension collective.

Table of Contents


  • 7 Billion or 1 per cent
  • The Occupy Moment
  • Around the left in 60 days
  • Occupy and Labour
  • Occupy the Patriarchy!
  • The Québec Student Movement
  • Food and Water: Don’t Underestimate the Problem
  • Splash: the Sequel
  • The Green Teens of Aamjiwnaang: Make the Connection

The Global Economic Crisis

  • The Global Economic Crisis:A Canadian Dimension Roundtable

Inuit Country

  • Inuit Country
  • Mending the Past: Memory and the Politics of Forgiveness
  • The Uranium Controversy in Baker Lake

All that’s Left

  • On Penn State
  • Media as Insurgent Art
  • Veblen’s Theory of the Leisure Class Updated
  • Capitalism is Working Just Fine…
  • Canada’s Mainstream Media: Voice of the 1 Percent

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