• Canadian Business

    Trudeau and SNC-Lavalin: Of Hosts and Parasites

    It is not a pretty picture, but to anti-capitalists it could be a useful one. They might find fertile ground for the argument that, when the SNC-Lavalins of the world cheat and lie, they forfeit their right to exist as well as their assets, as is done when we deal with people that we like to label members of gangs and racketeers. These assets could be used for socially acceptable purposes, saving the jobs which, according to the Trudeaus of the world, can only be saved by allowing rapacious capitalists to satisfy their greed by hook or by crook.

  • Canadian Business

    Canada’s corrupt foreign policy practices come home to roost on Parliament Hill

    Justin Trudeau’s government is engulfed in a major political scandal that lays bare the role of corporate power in Ottawa. But SNC Lavalin’s important role in Canadian foreign policy has largely been ignored in discussion of the controversy. The PMO has been accused of interfering in the federal court case against the giant Canadian engineering and construction firm for bribing officials in Libya. Former attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould claims she was repeatedly pressured to defer prosecution of the company and instead negotiate a fine.

  • Latin America and the Caribbean

    Is Trudeau’s Venezuela policy the Monroe Doctrine reborn?

    Many Canadians are familiar with the Monroe Doctrine. First issued by the United States in 1823, it warned European powers against renewed colonization of the Western Hemisphere. Presented as anti-imperialist, the Monroe Doctrine was later used to justify US interference in regional affairs. We may be seeing the development of a Canadian equivalent. The ‘Trudeau Doctrine’ claims to support a “rules-based order”, the “constitution” and regional diplomacy independent of the United States.

  • Canadian Business

    Corporate Canada Behind Slow Motion Coup Attempt in Venezuela

    Critics of the Liberal government’s push for regime change in Venezuela generally focus on their deference to Washington. But, Ottawa’s hostility to Caracas is also motivated by important segments of corporate Canada. In a bid for a greater share of oil revenue, Venezuela forced private oil companies to become minority partners with the state oil company in 2007. This prompted Calgary-based PetroCanada to sell its portion of an oil project and for Canadian officials to privately complain about feeling “burned” by the Venezuelan government.


  • 2014

    The New Canadian Militarism

    Against the endless security panics and the reworking of the strategic and operational deployments of Canada’s military and foreign policy branches of the state since 9/11, the enduring national mythologies of Canada as peacekeeping nation and non-imperialist state rest uneasily. the hard right conservative government of Stephen Harper has been relentlessly refashioning the cultural symbols of the state.