BTL 2022


  • March of the Sandernistas

    Bernie Sanders is surging. The democratic socialist senator from Vermont has stayed in the spotlight since his 2016 presidential run, centering the upcoming Democratic nomination on generational issues like income inequality, climate change and endless war. In this collection, we offer different perspectives on what the Canadian left can take away from the Sanders campaign.

  • Wet’suwet’en Resistance

    The recent RCMP raids of Wet’suwet’en land defenders in northwestern British Columbia have left many Canadians shocked and angered. The RCMP are justifying their operation as an enforcement of a BC Supreme Court injunction to clear resettlement camps and allow Coastal GasLink to carry on building a natural gas pipeline. Canadian Dimension stands in solidarity with all movements for Indigenous self-determination.

  • 2019 UK General Election

    The UK Labour Party’s 2019 General Election defeat was a major blow for the global democratic socialist movement, but the British elite and the enormous capital they wielded led to Jeremy Corbyn’s electoral loss. Canadian Dimension takes stock of the factors that led to the defeat, the lessons learned, and what’s next for the UK’s socialist movement.

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