Where’s the Canadian content on The Hour?

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(From Madeline Bruce) On The Hour [this Tuesday], someone named Jamie Kennedy talking about an actresses breasts, whether they were real or not. This is garbage. How low are they going to sink? Canadians, we have to think of a way to rescue our CBC Television, because it is doing down, down, down the drain.

It is offensive that the ostensibly Canadian show The Hour advertises that it has “A-List guests”, and that we can look forward to seeing American actor (very rapidly becoming has-been) Tom Cruise on it. How very sad, when brilliant Canadian talents, like Chris Haddock (DaVinci’s Inquest, Intelligence), and Nanaimo film-maker Paul Manly (Sombrio) go largely without recognition. This is thoughtless squandering of our most precious resources - our artists and our thinkers.

Thank you Ms. Bruce for your ongoing comments about Canadian content. I’ve passed this post on to the Hour.

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