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Supermarket Cashiers should take stand

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Haivens’ “blog from Bologna” posted a “rant about making supermarket cashiers stand.” Here’s an excerpt:

Haivens’ posted a picture of supermarket cashier in Europe. As all European cashiers do, they are SITTING.

A picture of a supermarket cashier in North America is also posted. She is STANDING.

European cashiers, in thousands and thousands of supermarkets, have been sitting for decades. The world as we know it has not ended. The clientele has not vanished. Somehow groceries get bought. Grocery stores and supermarkets survive. And cashiers do not collapse from exhaustion (or at least as much exhaustion) as they do in Canada and the US.

Why is it that cashiers in North America must stand? Is it because managers think they would look lazy if they sat? Is it because unions in North America haven’t taken this up as an issue (or they have taken it up and have run into stiff resistance from management and haven’t had the power or the will to force the issue?)

Here is an interesting discussion on this question, and the Washington Post published an article titled “Taking a Stand So That Others Might Sit” worth reading.

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