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Security and Prosperity Partnership update

Yesterday, I posted an entry about the development of a regional framework for chemical regulations. Here’s what Council of Canadians Ontarion-Quebec regional organizer Stuart Trew had to say:

We’ve written a bit about chemicals regulation harmonization on our website so I’ll point you to the links (but please let me know if you have other questions):

Lastly, HERE is a link to the CCPA report, More than Jellybeans, where Bruce Campbell lays out the problems with the Montebello agreement on chemicals regulations harmonization.

My feelings about this new “statement of intent” are mixed. On one level, it shows the SPP agenda is still alive in spirit and deed. On the other, it’s moving very slowly. They’ve gone from a framework at Montebello to a statement of intent, which isn’t moving very far very quickly. It’s a lot like the pace of Canadian Environmental Protection Act guidelines to eliminate the most toxic substances from the Canadian market. I don’t think they’ve managed to take one chemical off the shelves yet despite a strong mandate to do so that’s a decade old. We’re brutal on chemicals management but harmonizing with the United States will make us even worse.

Cheers, Stuart

Stuart Trew Ontario–Quebec Regional Organizer The Council of Canadians

Thanks Stuart. For readers, the Council of Canadians has an excellent online branch dealing with the SPP called Integrate This! Challenging the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America. Check it out.

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