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Pleasure fishing on the rise despite StatsCan census

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StatsCan released data today indicating less and less Canadians fish for pleasure. The figures may be slightly off. Quebec Health Minister Philippe Couillard had his period of reflection by the stream before resigning, fishing is one of Bernier’s newfound hobbies, and the biggest catch goes to Julie Couillard, who has been fishing for pleasure for some time now. Had StatsCan taken these variables into account, pleasure fishing in Canada would be very much alive.

Harper in his favorite fishing vest.

Harper’s cabinet shuffle was seen as a continued effort to fish for votes in Quebec. The candidates were drawn from a shallow pond. McCain was up in Canada last week fishing for favour. Dion’s green “shift” is slipping out of his hands quicker than his voting base, and the war in Afghanistan is a slippery fish indeed. Pleasure fishing fading in Canada? I beg to differ.

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