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New world order demanded as International Women’s Day nears

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Montreal, 2 February 2009- The 8th March Committee of Women of Diverse Origins demands nothing more and nothing less. We demand an end to patriarchy and misogyny in terms of family relations, societal and political institutions, culture and the media.

In the current local and global context what is needed is a new world order that clearly identifies the roots of the current problems women and our families face around the world. The multiple oppressions generated by patriarchy and capitalism have brought us to where we are today - a world of on-going and multiple wars, severe economic insecurity, exploitation of the marginalized - class, gender and race. It is simple. It is clear. Nothing less than a completely different order, a new world order can bring about a change for a better world.

We are at a point in world history where we will not be fobbed off with ‘the greater evil’, ‘that change comes slowly’ that the demand for a better world is ‘a utopian dream’. We know what the problems are. We know their causes. Only a total overhaul of the current systems can bring about lasting and meaningful change - justice and equality for all. The rapacious demands of corporations and governments in their pay with their war machines reap havoc, death and destruction on the innocent around the world, while petty despots oppress with impunity, unhindered. The free-flowing movement of capital around the world pushes workers everywhere to the lowest common denominator in terms of job security, wages and exploitative conditions. People flee war, political oppression and economic disaster to become even more exploited wherever they land. Minorities are targeted with violence and brutality.

There will be two events to discuss the problems and the urgency for a new world order and what that order will be. One will be a conference, on the 28th of February at Université de Montréal, 3200 Jean-Brillant starting at 9:30pm. The second will be the annual march on International Women’s Day, March 8th at noon at Cabot Square. Local and international speakers as well as marchers will tie together the issues - from Barriere Lake to Palestine to Afghanistan, from the field to the factory and the kitchen table, from the local park to the jail cells to the battlefield.

Conference Speakers Zoya, Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) Soha Bechara, Urgence Palestine Nargess Mustapha, Montréal-Nord Républik Tess Tessalona, Immigrant Workers’ Centre (IWC) and March 8th Committee

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