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As regular readers of my blog know, a long-term project of mine that is about to bear fruit is one based on doing oral history interviews with long-time Canadian activists – you can learn more about it here. As part of that work, I have for many years periodically sent out email updates to a list of interested parties. That hasn’t happened as regularly as I had intended, but it has happened. And I sent out an update recently, which I reproduce here:


This email is one of a series of irregular emails updating progress on the oral history project attached to (formerly If you wish to have your name removed from the list, please email me and let me know.

I talked in my last update about the two books based in this project to be released from Fernwood Publishing in the fall: Gender and Sexuality: Canadian History Through the Stories of Activists and Resisting the State: Canadian History Through the Stories of Activists. While my school commitments meant I have not been as able to send out regular email updates as I had hoped in the last few months, their release is still on schedule. I saw on the Fernwood site yesterday that they just received the copies of the books and I will be doing a sort of online launch for them in a few weeks time…keep your eyes on your inbox!

In the meantime, I encourage you to check out the ample material that I have been adding to the site:

There is lots more material to read and listen to on the site, so I encourage you to explore. As well, I will be updating it every day or two for the next few weeks, and very regularly for a good period of time thereafter, so be sure to check back. Please feel free to circulate this email and word of the project to other people you think might be interested. They can email me at to join the mailing list, or they can follow it on Facebook. I have also just created a Twitter account for the project, so you can go there to follow updates on the project as well as reTweets related to Canadian social movements.

Peace and solidarity,

Scott Neigh

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