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Legalizing Terror: Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement

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Earlier this year, Canada reached a free-trade agreement with Colombia, and will likely try to ratify it some time in 2009. Colombia has the worst human rights record in the Western Hemisphere and a record of military belligerence towards its neighbours. Watch the discussion of what’s involved in the agreement, its impact on the people of Colombia and organizing against it.

Speakers: Jasmin Hristov, author of Blood and Capital: The Paramilitarization of Colombia, Ph.D. candidate York University

Todd Gordon, writer on Canadian imperialism and Canada’s free trade agreement with Colombia, member of New Socialist Group Iliam Burbano, CUPE international solidarity activist

Video recorded Dec 3, 2008.

Presentation by Jesús Erazo, a Colombian union leader (Sintracarbon) talks about working conditions and their opposition to the Colombia-Canada Free Trade Agreement.

Video recorded Dec 7, 2008.

Top ten reasons why Canada should cancel Harper’s “free trade deal” with Colombia

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