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CITIZENShift Podcast: Call for submissions

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Do you have a piece of audio or visual journalism or documentary that you want to share? Would you like CITIZENShift to help you get it heard or seen? Perhaps you have a recording that highlights an issue you care about or an interview with a media-maker you think deserves more attention.

CITIZENShift ( is looking for exciting and dynamic audio or video pieces to distribute through our podcast. Rough or slick, long or short ­ as long as the content is engaging and fresh, we want to hear it.

We accept both proposals for original content, as well as already finished pieces.

Podcast Proposals: Proposals should be short and to the point ­ no more than 300 words. Please include information on the subject; why it is relevant to CITIZENShift’s mission; voices, sounds and/or images you plan to include; how long the piece will be; and any previous experience you have in audio/video (experience isn’t necessary though!)

Also make sure to include your full name, e-mail and daytime phone number.

Finished podcasts: If you have an already completed audio or video piece you think would be of interest to the CITIZENShift podcast, you can upload it to our site; just attach a note in the Short description field saying you would like it considered for the podcast.

Also make sure to include your full name, e-mail and daytime phone number.

Content: We’re looking for socially engaged audio and video pieces (documentaries, interviews, discussions, experimental) of varying lengths that reflect the goals outlined in our mission statement ( If you haven’t already, please explore our site at, to get a sense of what we do, have a listen to our previous podcast episodes ( and take a look at our editorial policy.

How to submit: Please send your proposals to [email protected] or call us at 514-283-9513

WHY SUBMIT TO CITIZENShift? * Visibility, access and community with other mediamakers * Interaction with other multimedia content * Free outreach on your behalf * Feedback and statistics on who is accessing your work * Possible stipends (for original pieces only, upon completion) and short-term equipment loans

– Tim McSorley Podcast Coordinator/Online Communications Officer NFB/ONF CITIZENShift (514) 283-9513

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