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On the tail-end of the May Day special issue, June saw a rise in violence in Afghanistan and the launch of Dion’s environmental agenda, the flux of migrant workers to Canada and the freedom cry of Canadian Jews against Israeli occupation. Canadian Dimension presents its monthly review:

June opened with global protests against rising fuel prices reaching half the minimum wage.

U.S. war veterans who resigned in protest of the war in Iraq have been turned away at the Canadian boarder in the past, but were granted 24 hour access thanks to Canadian parliamentarian Libby Davies. The war resisters attended the 137to 110 Parliamentary non-binding vote to permit US war resisters to remain in Canada.

An ex-colonel in the Israeli army rejected an invite to the 1948 memorial service from the Israeli Minister of Defence on June 11. “40 years of occupation have utterly corrupted the Israeli army and all strata of Israeli society,” he wrote.

Harper’s “confession” of the residential school program was criticized by many in First Nations peoples, as land-claim disputes and arrests continue largely unreported.

Canadian workers made a powerful demand to end the war in Afghanistan, again, largely unreported. Canadian academic Mike Skinner wrote an excellent article on the logic behind the worker’s demands, but judging by the recent spates of violence, no one is listening.

In a remarkable and again unreported event, the Tax Justice Network published an article damning Canada’s five largest banks for avoiding $16 billion in tax over the last 15 years. “These sums are remarkable, especially in light of the fact this study only looks at five banks, and that banking represents a lower share of GDP than in several other countries,” TJN wrote.

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